Linda McGill

Licensed massage therapist, certified yoga teacher, wellness expert.

Hello there!
I'm Linda and I am
obsessed with
wellness for women.

My massage style is a testament to the philosophy that sometimes, less truly is more. With an understanding of the power of simplicity, I prioritize effectiveness over verbosity, allowing my hands to speak volumes where words might fail. Clients appreciate my ability to intuitively gauge their needs without the need for lengthy explanations or excessive chatter, creating a tranquil environment where relaxation and healing can flourish.

My passion for utilizing essential oils and various tools adds an extra dimension to my practice, enhancing the sensory experience and providing tailored solutions for each individual. Whether it’s the soothing aroma of lavender to induce calm or the targeted pressure of a specialized tool to release tension, I seamlessly integrate these elements into my massages, elevating the overall therapeutic effect.

What truly sets me apart is my commitment to continual learning and growth. I approach my craft with an insatiable curiosity, always seeking out new techniques and modalities to enhance my repertoire. This dedication not only ensures that I remain at the forefront of my field but also allows me to adapt and evolve in response to the diverse needs of my clientele.

In essence, my massage style is a harmonious blend of intuition, skill, and innovation—a reflection of my commitment to providing the best possible experience for those in my care.

Linda is curious – an active listener and learner, sensitive to her client’s individual needs, and responsive. She is excellent at her craft, but moreso, she is an amazing person. I appreciate how respectful, professional, and kind she is. And fun!!

- Katie

Get to Know Me

My name is Linda. I’m married to a high school teacher and was born and raised in Washington state. I never knew what I wanted to be when I “grew up” so I went to massage school because it sounded interesting.  This was a very impulsive decision on my part because at this point I had literally only had one professional massage!  Fun fact: after I graduated in 2010, I initially hated being a massage therapist!  While a little dramatic, it’s true.  I was young and lacking life experience so I didn’t think I was capable of truly helping people. But, I stuck with it, learned as much as I could and now here I am over a decade later! In 2020 I became a certified yoga teacher and now I get to combine my love of massage and yoga to help bring integrated wellness into the lives of my clients!

A Background in Wellness

It is hard to sum up my education background so here is a nearly complete list of my relevant training!  If you don’t care to read through it all, I completely understand. All you need to really know is that my education emphasis has been on the fascia, the lymphatic system, oncology massage and yoga!

Yoga Education

30-hours Healing Yoga for Cancer- Cheryl Fenner Brown, Jan 2022
40-hours Yoga Sequencing Mentorship- Rachel Scott, 2021
50-hour Yin Yoga Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training- Bernie Clark, July 2020
200-hour Yoga Teacher Training- Online Yoga School, June 2020

Massage Education

Targeted training techniques to optimize fascial function and movement 
Emphasis on assessment skills, neuro mobility and advanced FST techniques

Deep dive into applications and hands on fascial stretch skills to restore mobility and relieve pain.

Clinical concepts and applications of Fascial Stretch with emphasis on hands-on training and professional assessment.

Second degree training and attunement through the Usui Ryoho System of Natural Healing.

Assessments, concepts and techniques of kinesio tape application

Practical applications of applying kinesio tape to patients with lymphedema

Trained in various methods of cupping with emphasis on hands-on applications

Indications and contraindications for performing manual lymphatic drainage to the
head, neck and face with regards to cancer treatment

Current breast cancer treatments reviewed, manual therapy and therapeutic exercise for the post-operative breast cancer client

Written and practical examinations, knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and
pathophysiology of the lymphatic system.

Impatient and outpatient clinical massage training. Provided massage in the
chemotherapy infusion unit and to those in impatient care for bone marrow transplants, surgery and chemotherapy. Emphasis on contraindications in oncology massage and
hands-on time.

Foundation class covering various forms of cancer treatment, side effects of treatment and hands-on massage considerations.

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage training with focus on hands-on time and demonstration.

Covering indications and contraindications for prenatal massage as well as positioning
and hands-on supervision

Scientific foundation and principles of CranioSacral Therapy with emphasis on palpation skills and hands-on.

Extensive science background, hands-on with practical reasoning, professional
communication skills and ethics.

My Favorite Things

  • Rabbits
  • Sourdough
  • Being alone (total introvert here)
  • Vacations/exploring with the hubby
  • Reading fantasy/science fiction
  • Learning about the brain
  • Trying new kombucha brews and bubble tea
  • Barre workout classes!
“The goal is not to heal and then begin your life. The goal is to embrace healing as a lifelong journey…” 

- Yung Pueblo

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