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Discovering balance within the body and mind.

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My virtual Yin Yoga classes are designed to help you discover a new side of yoga as we stretch, strengthen, and restore the body on a weekly basis.

I will also soon be offering 10 week yoga workshops where we dive deeper into particular themes.  Stay tuned for more!

I cannot recommend Linda more highly. She is professional, thoughtful, intuitive, and so committed to aligning the best techniques to various body issues.

- Meghan

Our virtual Yin Yoga classes meet every Sunday morning at 9am PST over video so you can join from wherever you may be! We focus on a different theme each month with every class uniquely designed to stretch and restore specific areas of the body. You’ll learn the benefits of each pose and position so you can get to know what your body needs for a variety of solutions to restore both your mind and body.

Each class is also recorded and sent out to our members in case you aren’t able to make the live class. You’ll have access to these classes for 30 days and will always have access to reach out to me with any questions, clarifications, or modification requests. I can’t wait to see you there!

Frequently Asked Questions

You should do yoga with me if you are interested in restorative yoga with body and mind connection. We will hold most poses for several minutes to unwind our tissue AND to unwind the mind. If you are looking for a traditional vinyasa flow style of yoga, I would not recommend that you take my classes.

As long as you can comfortably get up and down from the floor, you will be just fine. Most Yin Yoga poses are done seated or lying down so it is important that you can get up and down relatively easily. 

To get the most out of your yoga class, I usually recommend: 1 yoga strap, two yoga blocks, a yoga mat and a pillow or blanket handy.  If you do not have a yoga strap, oftentimes you can substitute that with a dish towel. Also, if you don’t have 1-2 yoga blocks, you can use a large book or two.

You can wear whatever you like!  Come to your virtual class with comfortable and stretchy clothes so that you don’t feel restricted while moving.  I also recommend dressing in layers so that you don’t get cold.

You can easily turn your camera off during class so that you can practice in a completely private setting.

It depends…do you need help slowing down and holding sustained poses? If yes, then take my class! However, I typically teach to beginner/intermediate students so I may not be the right fit for you.

This Month's Yoga Calendar

Linda McGill Apr 11, 2022, 1:37 PM (4 days ago) to me

Coming Soon!

Healing Yoga for Cancer Workshop

Join me for this six-week workshop geared toward those who are fighting or healing from cancer where we’ll work together to learn poses and yoga flows that help to calm the mind and sooth the muscles. Sign up below to join the waitlist!

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On Youtube

Ever been in a yoga class and find that you just can’t get into the same position as the instructor? Everyone’s body is different and because of that, it’s totally normal to find it harder or easier to move into certain poses.

Take a look at my YouTube videos below for some alternate poses, modifications, and tips for assistance with some of these common yoga positions!

Looking for some more quick yoga tips? Take a look at these short videos for some focused stretches to help relieve sore muscles or to modify your practice to something that works best for you and your unique body.

Some of our Favorite Poses

Warrior 2 Yoga Pose

Warrior II

A wonderful pose to hold or use as a transition pose. It helps strengthen and open the hips and shoulders.

Happy Baby Yoga Pose

Happy Baby

A very grounding pose used to restore the body and release the low back and hips.

Fire Log

An intermediate pose for hip opening. Great for bringing symmetry and balance to the low body.

Hero Yoga Pose


Another intermediate pose that creates deep flexion in the knee joints while working internal rotation of the hips.

Reclined Big Toe Pose

Reclined Big Toe

A great way to open the hamstring and increase lower body flexibility. Make sure you have a yoga strap for this pose; most of us need the extra assistance to get into this one!

Half Pigeon Yoga Pose

Half Pigeon

Use this pose to practice getting the front leg into external rotation and to stretch the hip flexors of the back leg.

Seated Twist Yoga Pose

Seated Twist

This pose feels so good and is great for spinal health as well as releasing the side body and opening the chest of the back arm.

Child's Pose Yoga

Child's Pose

A very adaptive and restorative pose. The arms can either reach forward or rest alongside the body. Knees can be held close together or spread wide. Physically this pose helps release the back and hips and can even calm the heart.

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